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The Rise of the Tourism Sector and How Can You Fit In

The student population is at a constant rise; competition is rising; challenges are common at every path of the career, and opportunities are being fished away by new players every minute. It is a real-world overview of the twenty-first-century business landscape. So, what can be the most essential aspect that can bring opportunities to students and help them build connections with professionals outside their usual networks? Well, the word is nothing but 'exposure.' Academic excellence is undeniably a significant requirement for a successful career. However, in today's time, there are other prerequisites as well that play a vital role in backing the future life of students. Essentials like networking, socializing, and 'industry-exposure' act as the most oppressive pillars in shaping the professional lives of young minds in the present time. In this article, you will be introduced to some of the indispensable opportunities that global exposure leverages to management education aspirants.

Enhancing the horizons of knowledge

Ever noticed how administrators and managers possess some of the most dynamic job roles and responsibilities of all times? These professionals require focusing on multiple practices at the same time as their tasks generally extend beyond the desk. Starting from dealing with day-to-day work activities, handling clients, supervising employees to making vital business decisions, they need to tactfully manage minor to major aspects on a daily basis. In order to perform these types of tasks, one requires a broadened vision, open mindset, and enhanced horizon apart from core process knowledge. And all of these qualities come through the right amount of exposure.

Moreover, just industrial exposure is not sufficient in order to excel in the saturated business setting of the twenty-first century. Students pursuing a career in business management nowadays necessitate global-level exposure which serves to prepare them to assuredly participate in competitions on international grounds. This is becoming one of the most prominent trends in business education in today's time. Foreign visits, workshops, and communicating with different cultures helps students open their mindsets about the field they are going to step into and understand business metrics from a global perspective.

Tapping into cultural intelligence

Management is about 'people' to a large extent. A successful management professional needs to have the right understanding, knowledge, and intelligence for tapping into the employee psyche. Not only that, they need to effectively deal with employees belonging to varied cultural backgrounds. Global exposure provides the management aspirants with an excellent opportunity to practically meet, communicate, and connect to executives, acquaintances, and colleagues from various cultures and walk away with a clear idea about how things really function in a cross-cultural workplace.

Increased marketability

There is an extraordinary demand for professionals with an international-level experience in the modern business world. The giant corporates and multinational companies are significantly seeking professionals with multilayered experience and wide-ranging knowledge. Also, small-scale organizations are tending to hire young minds who hold a global perspective and can contribute to the growth of the firm in multifaceted ways.

Excellent career benefits and opportunities

Possessing international experience leaves you with more and better career options in the long run. Global-exposure prepares you for working spontaneously and flexibly in any work environment, on any relevant job position, and in any part of the globe. The right kind of exposure gives you a strong foundation and extensive peripheral insights which will help you excel in diverse fields of business including entrepreneurship. Not only budding professionals but many experienced entrepreneurs also participate in advanced management degree programs abroad just to add a fine tune to their existing career graphs.

TimesPro - Your Pathway to Monash College, Australia

You will be glad to know that TimesPro, an educational initiative by the renowned Times of India group, provides you with an opportunity to make all your study abroad dreams come true. We are gratified to be one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the nation that offers an excellent opportunity for aspirants to attain diverse academic and industry experience in business management from a world top 100 university. We provide the candidates with a pathway to attain admission in a foreign university so that they get a strong platform to outshine in their professional lives ahead.

We conduct an 8 months pathway program in TimesPro center, India, upon successful completion of which, students are provided with a guaranteed admission for the 2nd and 3rd year in the renowned Monash College, Australia. This means that instead of investing an entire year, you get to complete an equivalent of your first year university in just 8 months' time where you will be equipped with pure industry-centric knowledge that will help you adjust well with the global standards and the dynamic learning environment at the Monash College. The Pathway Program at TimesPro, which is regarded as the best study abroad programs in India, will not only help you gain from the strong reputation of the Times Group, but will also benefit you professionally by endowing you with a global outlook, international market experience, and the opportunity to become a part of a global network. Join the Pathway Program at TimesPro and rest assured that not only quality education is in your reach, but you also have a clear road ahead to a bright professional life.
The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer based test that is aimed at assessing the verbal, quantitative, writing, analytical, and reading skills for determining your suitability for getting admission to a graduate management program like MBA. The problem-solving abilities, analytical writing tests, and more, which are an integral part of the examination address the reasoning skills and logical thinking capability of a candidate to gauge his or her adaptability to the present business scenario.

It is natural for someone who is planning to take up GMAT to wonder how to get the highest possible score in the examination. A perfect GMAT score is an 800, and while that is achieved hardly by thirty people out of over 200,000 participants from over 100 countries every year, a near-perfect score is not really too difficult to achieve. We, at TimesPro, an education wing of the Times Group, believe that with your dedication and our efficient support, undertaking the right modes and methods of training is not too difficult. When our effective training methodology backed by mentorship from our experienced teachers comes to your aid, getting the top scores in GMAT is never a dream that is too far-fetched to be achieved. We have brought to you here some of the top tips from our veteran teachers to help you ace the GMAT exam easily.

Be consistent in your study routine

We have seen that the most common mistake that candidates usually make is to simply go on studying without any clear goal in mind. It prevents you from honing your skills properly and achieving the precision that you are looking for. For ensuring a great performance, you will have to study dedicatedly and regularly for at least three months and focus on specific areas of improvement along the way.

Use the right practice materials

It is important for the students to get the support from the right educators and the highest quality study material to ensure that they can put their best foot forward. For instance, the deliverables that we, at TimesPro, offer are in keeping with the content, tone, and difficulty level of the real GMAT exam, which have proven to be of utmost help to our students time and again.

Get familiar with the fundamentals

Regardless of how much of detailed knowledge and information you have about the topics in GMAT, it is crucial to first concentrate on getting the basics of grammar, reading, and math clearly understood and embedded in your mind. For instance, if math is a problem for you, begin with the basics of algebra, statistics, and trigonometry, before jumping straightaway into more difficult math problems.

Complete practice quizzes and tests

If you are aiming for that great score in GMAT, you will have to get hold of practice question papers and mock tests to assess your level of preparedness, and, to further improve yourself based on that self-assessment. In fact, we would suggest that solving practice sets should be a part of your daily study routine for that entire period of preparation to make sure you know how far you are from being completely prepared for the real test.

Focus properly on timing

GMAT is not all about the content of the test. How well you manage the time provided for the test also plays a crucial role in determining your level of success. The exam goes on for three and a half hours, and if you try to rush through it, you run the risk of missing out on the important details in an answer choice. So, make sure you wisely time those practice tests that you undertake for self-assessment.

Target your weak points

As mentioned earlier, you should have a particular goal in mind when preparing for the GMAT exams, and, one of the prime goals that you need to have is making sure your weak points are improved, and the fortes are made stronger. Simply giving equal importance to every aspect of the exam will be of no help to you in improving your chances of acing the exam.

We, at TimesPro, understand that overseas education is the dream of almost every Indian Student, and GMAT offers the perfect gateway to help them take one step closer to realizing that dream. At TimesPro, regarded as the most highly trusted study abroad consultants in Delhi, we are here to fulfill the aspirations of those millions of students in the country who hope to take their career to the next level through the GMAT exam scores. With collaborations from the top universities all across the globe, we aim to make the high-end exam preparation materials and methodology easily accessible to the ambitious Indian students. Our professional and experienced counselors come with the cumulative experience of over a hundred years. Right from choosing the suitable course to studying in a preferred university and country, our dedicated experts will be with you at every step of the way, right till you reach your coveted goal. The mass communication degree is probably the only bachelor program that provides you with the maximum career freedom. You can choose to become anything, you can apply for any profile. Be it management or technical, legal or hospitality, a mass comm graduate can find a job anywhere. Probably this is the reason why the selection often becomes difficult as the variety of available options naturally leads to confusion. You will definitely want a profile with high-demands, good scopes and a decent salary. But you will also want a job that is fairly modern and currently rising towards its peak.

So, here is a list of the top 5 such modern jobs that are literally driving the market. The demand for skilled professionals is very high and their future is nothing but bright. With a mass communication degree from the top Polytechnic college from Delhi, you will be eligible to apply for all and also possess the skill-set to thrive there. Take notes, start planning and more importantly, build your mindset.

    Corporate communicator

This is a moderately high-paying profile where you will be responsible for releasing every official communication of a corporation. Be it a press release about a product launch or a statement issued to the public by a top executive, your job is to draft a publicly acceptable content sending out a clear professional message. Even in-house memos are often passed through a corporate communicator so that there are no loopholes dismantling the company policies. Naturally, the job demands excellent communication skills across all platforms combined with the understanding of the mass psychology, things you learn in your mass comm degree.

    Digital advertisement

Advertising is not a modern a job, but its digital counterpart is. The demand is overwhelming in the current landscape where almost every company, irrespective of their size, are investing substantially in digital advertising. A bit different from marketing, advertising is more about copywriting, playing with the audience's emotions and coming up with strategies that will boost the company's revenue. You need to be privy with all the available digital advertising platforms and avenues along with some background technical knowledge. You may choose to work for a firm or join a dedicated independent brand.

    Graphic designing

This profile has really exploded, in a good sense. Even freelance graphic designers earn a healthy income now which should give you a fair idea about the current potential. Most mass communication graduates do not even think of becoming graphic designers but the era when it was once unrelated as passed. Now, graphics do most of the talking with people, be it on marketing campaigns or the websites. And your knowledge of communicating with the masses can really gel well with graphic designing. You can add psychology to your designs which a technical designer can't and you will be hired for your creative touch.

    Public relations

Once, this was a job for the retired journalists. But now, the profile seeks young talent. Public relations as a profile has also evolved with the changing market where social media, search engines, online media and much more have become the preferred platforms. Here, the mere ability to write a story is not enough. You must also be capable of amplifying the content, employ analytical tools to find the target audience and craft a campaign satisfying everyone's needs. The best college in the polytechnic colleges in Delhi list teaches you these necessary skills during your mass comm course where you get the perfect blend of both technical and analytical knowledge.


The scopes here is as broad as the term itself. You can combine your videography and outreach skills to bag a job as a production executive. Experts believe that videos are going to rule the marketing sector next and the effect is already visible. As a professional here, you can be a part of a team that creates videos for advertising purposes or shoots documentaries for media houses. You may be shooting, editing, marketing or monitoring. It can be digital or over the television. Your core knowledge of mass communication is enough to pass you through the doors. From there on, it depends on your interest and fascination.

Polytechnic for Women College South Extension - 1, is an institute that features at the top in the list of rank wise polytechnic colleges in Delhi when it comes to mass communication. The degree here is combined with journalism and advertising which makes your stance even more solid for any of the above profiles. Skills will never be an issue. You will also have the knowledge. All you have to do is to find your calling among all the choices available.
The boom of the tourism industry is clearly visible both in India and abroad. As the economic condition of the world keeps improving combined with stiff competition in the hospitality sector, more people are now spending their money in the tourism segment and have the options to do it. Tourism is already a global industry that is worth a massive $16 trillion which is expected to grow by a healthy rate of 5% annually in the coming 5 years. Such a prosperous field only means higher demands, better jobs, lucrative salaries and much more. And it is true that currently, there is no other industry as intriguing as the tourism industry.

With the right degree in hand from the best private polytechnic college in South Delhi, you can make full use of the current up-rise in tourism. You can fit yourself in the rising trajectory, bag a respectable profile and draw a salary equal to or even more than the conventional sectors. The sheer popularity of the tourism industry, fuelled by the government policies is making the situation ideal for fresh graduates. The scopes are numerous with new ones opening up every day.

From luxury tourism to weekend gateways, the demand is everywhere

There are actual subsections in the tourism sector. You can choose to work for a travel agency, become a part of a luxury tour planner or arrange short family gateways on behalf of your mid-range clients. And when your degree comes integrated with the hospitality subjects, the scope opens up even more. You may land a job with a global chain, be on cruise ships or five-star resorts or simply become a tour guide in the field. The choice of profiles are increasing by the day, and the prospects are equal everywhere.

Growth of other sectors boost tourism

Take the medical industry for instance. The facilities in India are now comparable to most of the European countries and are available at cheaper rates when compared to their economy. This growth has given rise to a whole new sector known as medical tourism. Here, people come to India to avail medical services and require every amenity that a standard tourist does. Starting from flight tickets to boarding facilities, it becomes the job of the organiser to look after all. The medical tourism industry is currently seeing a lot of demand wherein people are coming in from across the globe. Hence, finding a job here will expose you to alluring profiles.

Tourism is not restricted to travellers alone

There is corporate tourism, overseas business meetings and conferences, diplomatic visits and so on. With companies becoming multinational by the day, boundaries have literally shrunk. People are travelling at will, employing travel agencies to take care of all their arrangements and more such tourism houses are coming up to facilitate the same. Even events like weddings and celebrations are moving abroad due to the ease of travelling and you can choose to join any of these diverse sectors. Your degree in tourism from the best institute in the private polytechnic college in Delhi NCR list will hand you the necessary skills. From there on, your options are numerous.

Associated jobs are also available

Marketing, for instance. The growing demand is sprouting more companies and the competition is creating the need for outreach. Tourism marketing, as an industry, has shot up exponentially where there is still a dearth of the right professionals. Naturally, the prospects are more than fascinating with salaries reaching good figures easily. Another direct extension of the tourism industry is travel writing. Be it digital or print, both domains have a similar number of readers where the number is only increasing. You can also look into the profiles of data analyst, event management, sales professionals and so on.

The decline is nowhere near

And the time is indeed ripe. This is the best stretch to bag a tourism job as your profile will continue to improve with the sector itself. By the time the industry hits its peak, you will be there with your experience to lay claim to the top paying jobs and become a part of an ever-growing field. So, convert your aspirations with the best polytechnic college in Delhi after 10th like the Polytechnic for Women College South Extension -1. Here, the degree is integrated with airlines and hospitality along with tourism which creates a greater knowledge base for you. Certainly, more fields become available to you after graduation and you can make full use of the industry. So, choose right and choose now, to kickstart your career in the booming tourism industry.

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